Current Seasonal

Slingshot Coffee is always brewed using fresh-crop, in-season, single origin beans. When we think about coffee as an agricultural product — it is the seed of a fruit, after all — we can identify better with seasonality. We are committed to only using coffees that are fresh, which will in turn highlight the beautiful story that each has to tell — through its flavor, variety, origin and more.

To capture the beauty of that seasonality, the origin of the coffees we use will change throughout the year. Each new seasonal selection will bring with it a new origin, new flavors and a new experience.

Here you can always learn more about our current seasonal for Slingshot Cold Brew Coffee.

Enjoy it!


Current Seasonal: Summer

Date of Release: June 20, 2014

Coffee: Idido, Counter Culture Coffee

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Varieties: Kudhume, Wolisho, Dega and other heirloom types

Tasting Notes: Melon, Orange Blossom, Citrus 

Slingshot Cold Brew Summer Seasonal is a washed Ethiopian from Yirgacheffe in southwest Ethiopia. This coffee’s formal name, Idido, is the name of the washing station and cooperative from where this coffee comes. Unlike the traditional methods of drying coffee in the cherry, this coffee is washed clean before being sun-dried on raised beds.

The coffee for the first part of our Summer seasonal release represents a select group of the most dedicated farms from the Idido cooperative. These farmers turn in their best cherry at the peak of the harvest.

Ethiopian coffees tend to boast clean, fruity and floral flavor profiles, and this coffee is no different. With light, clean notes of melon, orange blossom and citrus, Slingshot Cold Brew Summer Seasonal is a refreshing treat for the warm weather of our favorite season.

Like all seasonal selections for Slingshot Cold Brew, Idido is certified organic and Direct Trade.